Education 08 May 2022

According to US Reports, many Children are being left behind acade,ically

One-third of the way to the 2030 deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals, new projections prepared by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and the Global Education

 Monitoring Report (GEMR) for the UN High-level Political Forum show that the world will fail its education commitments without a rapid acceleration of progress. In 2030, when all children should be in school, one in six aged around 6-17 will still be excluded. Many children are still dropping out: by 2030, only six out of ten young people will be completing secondary education.

The global education goal, SDG 4, calls on countries to ensure that children are not only going to school but also learning, yet the proportion of trained teachers in sub-Saharan Africa has been falling since 2000, according to the new projections, which are released in the publication

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