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MaChIdi is an international fashion outlet and e-commerce platform. The company focuses on all kinds and brands of fashionable ethic and international  wears for women. Men ,youths, as

well children's clothes, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags and other fashion items. Machidi also offers other products such as electronics, phones, watches, eye wear, belts, inner wears and other portable items that provide style and comfort to individuals. Machidtargets Africa,  Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets with an array of beauty and healthy natural and Indigenous African natural products such as Soaps, Oils and other related unique  products not found elsewhere in the world. The company’s brand has been visible for a long time. But in October 15, 2020, due to more awareness of the Internet following the pandemic, Machidi upgraded its  philosophy and mantra that "everyone is entitled to  enjoy the beauty of fashion wherever they may be." Hence Machidi’s  business focus and scope traverses  more than 250 countries and regions around the globe.

MACHIDI prides itself on offering trendy and lasting  styles to both young, middle aged, old and senior citizens women and teens, without breaking  break their  wallets or banks. SHEIN adheres to the concept that "everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion." MACHIDI is atop of the latest fashion trends and styles  from around the universe with energetic  rapidity and originality  needed to penetrate dynamic global  markets. Consequently, Machidi  is your one-stop-platform for searching for ethnic and international dresses and graphic patterned T-Shirts, blouses, gowns  and chic swimwear and other inner body comfortable wears. MACHIDI is your ultimate one-stop-outlet for the modern and affordable fashion and accessories at all levels of the economic terrain. Our Motto, when it comes to affordable fashion and valuable products that enrich personalities, Machidi is your oyster. You’re welcome to our Global Family with just a click of a button.

Where You Can Find Us


MACHIDI now ships to many  countries and regions globally as long as the local laws and delivery stems permit. With the Internet, the world has become a global village and our websites are uniquely beamed to reach the homes of families in  Africa, the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia and the Middle East, MACHIDI ships from one of its many globally positioned warehouses in United States and Africa. MACHIDI thrives diligently in part, due to  our  company's core values and priorities for excellence, dependability and integrity in our  in-house and third party production lines. MACHIDI provides  the highest value of trendy fabrics, finishes and uniqueness  with dedication,  quality, value, service and peace of mind.

About Our Designers


Our designers and tailors are original thinkers and stylists.. Every one of our designer team has a unique sense of fashion and creativity Each of our  designers understands  that customers  are yearning and looking for more than beautiful and fashionable wears and accessories. Our designers and seamstresses and tailors know that customers are  pursuing lifestyle dreams and aspirations unique to them. Come , and Machidi will make your dream come true. Seeing is believing. Satisfy your curiosity today!

Selecting Fabric Manufacturers


Apart from  styles and designs, we invest a great deal of  efforts into fabric quality and wear and tear. Consequently, when selecting fabric manufacturers to work with, we focus mainly on our global manufacturing  partnerships with proven years of dependability and delivery of excellence to enchant and please  our customers all over the globe. Thus we have extinguished any form of manufacturer’s trial and error for our customers. This level  of balance  between quality and cost has elevated our  stable operations with our customers and manufactures. We are now a Global Happy Family!

Modify The Clothing Item


All our  products go through rigorous furnace of tests with live models before we make it available to you or post it to our website. Our professional designers perform rigorous quality assurance tests to approve every item in our accordance to our customer’s preference. We continually modify and alter the clothing item until the look is 100% satisfactory to our seasoned live models used in our routine test for performance and perfection. The through multiple changes and transformations before availability  for sale or to our customer is our esteemed badge of honor that separates us with close rivals. We are often a breed apart!!.




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